REVISED October 2014

Our rules and regulations are written for your general welfare, safety, and enjoyment for pleasant and comfortable living. Our community management is trained to administer our rules fairly to all residents to assure that a few thoughtless people do not disturb your new way of life. Everything will be done to insure your comfort and pleasure and to attain this end, we request your compliance with our rules and regulations.



1. Application, lot leases (if desired), and all preliminary documents must be completed and approved prior to the occupancy of a manufactured home. The management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone whose manufactured home is not considered acceptable in appearance or condition.


2. Only new manufactured homes or homes approved by the management will be allowed in the park.


3. All tenants must pay rent by the 1st of each month. A late charge of $20.00 will be charged for rents postmarked after the 5th of the month.  All payments are applied to the oldest rent due and will be considered late and you must pay late charges each month until your account is current.  A $20.00 fee will be assessed for checks that are returned from the bank unpaid.  All payments must be mailed to the address on the coupons and not be paid at the Community office.


4. Every person living in the community must be registered with the management. No home occupation or small business, which requires people to work in your manufactured home or requires customers to come to your manufactured home, will be allowed.


5. All residents must have an awning with a minimum size of 10’ x 10’. The only type allowed will be those manufactured by Dura-Bilt, Inc. or equal as approved by management. We have found these to be very well constructed and they will provide many years of beauty and service.  No homemade wood type awnings will be allowed.


6. All manufactured homes must have a minimum of 8’ x 8’ wood storage building with 5/8” T-111 or vinyl house type siding. The maximum size of a shed shall be at the management’s discretion and shall be in writing for any sheds larger than 144 sq ft.  These buildings must be manufactured by a building manufacturer such as Wood Tex or management-approved equal. No home made storage sheds will be allowed without written permission from management and a building permit from the Town.  These sheds must be maintained and kept in good repair including roofing, siding, staining, etc.  N.Y.S. Law requires any storage building over 144 sq ft to have a building permit and a site plan review by the Town of Clarendon.


7. All manufactured homes must have hitch removed before skirting is installed and must retain their wheels and axels.


8. All manufactured homes must be skirted within thirty days (weather permitting.) Only factory made manufactured home skirting similar to R-COTEC brand stone insulated skirting system, heavy duty T & G vinyl skirting approved by management, or approved equal, will be allowed on any new installation.  Vinyl skirting will only be allowed if it is to repair existing vinyl skirting.  Installation of the skirting must be done by a qualified manufactured home dealer.  All skirting on the manufactured home shall be kept in good repair at all times.  Skirting shall be the same color, style, and brand as originally installed.  If the skirting is not kept in good repair the management reserves the right to repair the skirting and bill the resident for any repairs. It is THE homeowner’s responsibility if the skirting becomes dislodged through upheaval of the ground or by weather conditions.


9. Fences will be allowed only if written permission is obtained from the management. Only vinyl coated chain link fences with vinyl coated framework and vinyl privacy fences will be allowed.  No new galvanized chain link or wood fences will be allowed.  No digging, for any reason, will be allowed due to underground utilities, unless location and reason for digging is approved by management.  Swimming pools will be allowed only if the management approves the size and location of the pool in writing.  N.Y.S. Law requires all pools over 24 inches deep to have an approved fence around it, all pools are required to have a pool alarm and all pools must have their own electrical service which must be inspected by a third party inspector.


10. No metal-type, peak roofs will be allowed in the community. Only manufactured homes with shingled roofs and house type lap siding will be allowed.


11. No homemade addition, porches, steps or any other construction will be allowed on individual lots unless written permission is obtained from management and a building permit is obtained from the Town. It is the resident’s responsibility to maintain their manufactured home and all necessary structures in good condition.  This includes roofing, siding, trim, painting, and any other items that require maintenance or repair on the manufactured home, shed, skirting, porches, decks, fences, etc.  Any resident that fails to keep their home and structures in good repair will be given written notice to correct these items.  If not corrected after a reasonable time the resident will be considered not to be in good standing and this will be grounds for eviction.


12. Each resident will be responsible for the yard light, and the power supplied to that light, in front of their home. These lights are dawn to dusk lights and are required to be kept on during that time.


13. Each resident will be responsible to pay for their own utilities. This includes electric, gas, water, and cable TV, if desired. Water bills are due upon receipt and if not received within 15 days of the due date a 10% late fee will be due. Any resident more than 30 days delinquent on their water bill will be subject to having their water service shut off and will be considered to be in violation of Community Rules.


14. In order to eliminate fuel truck traffic and unsightly tanks in the community, only manufactured homes with gas (propane) or electric heat will be allowed in the community. There shall be no above ground propane tanks allowed in the community and all propane or electrical hookups shall be done by a bona fide contractor. If propane heat is used, the supplier of the propane shall be the same as the owner of the underground tanks that are installed. To protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents the management reserves the right to determine which propane company shall be awarded the contract to furnish, install, maintain and supply the propane, tanks and service lines to the homes in the community.


15. There will be no sub-leasing without written permission, or renting or loaning of manufactured homes. Manufactured homes sold without prior park approval will not be allowed to remain in the community, without the approval of the management. The management reserves the right to require improvements to be made to the manufactured home or the site before community approval is made. No “For Sale” signs shall be allowed on the lot. All signs must be kept in the home and must be no larger than 3’x2’ (6 sq. ft. max.). Any signs must be professionally made, must not have any fluorescent or obtrusive colors, and must be similar to those used by professional real estate companies. No other signs will be allowed on the lot, including business or personal, without permission from management. Any sign which is allowed will only be allowed for a special event. Contractors’ signs will only be allowed while work is being performed on the home. These signs will only be allowed to be placed on the home or lot for a maximum period of two weeks and must meet the size and quality requirement of “For Sale” signs as described above.


16. All residents must notify the management thirty days in advance of moving out. Clearance must be obtained, a forwarding address given, and all outstanding accounts must be paid in full. Removal of a home will be done only between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. Residents are responsible to leave the lot clean after home is removed.



17. All lots will be equipped for 100 amp electric. 200 amps will be available at an additional charge for installation to the resident.


18. No exterior antennas will be allowed unless permission is obtained from the management. The antenna must be installed on an approved support and must be installed at the rear of the manufactured home.


19. All trash will be picked up at a time and place designated by the management. All trashcans must have covers and be placed inside the storage shed, except when being emptied or picked up.



20. Residents are responsible for keeping their sewer lines clear between their home and ground connections. Do not flush grease, paper towels, disposable diapers or liners, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, etc. into the sewer system. Any repairs due to such articles plugging the sewer system will be charged to the resident.


21. No open fires or campfires will be allowed in the community. Only fires in manufactured grills will be allowed. Every resident is required to maintain their yard. This includes mowing, trimming, watering, manicuring and storing of any outside items such as bikes, toys, lawn equipment, trashcans, etc. All these type items are to be stored in the shed or home and no tarps are to be used to store or cover these items outside. Any shrubs, trees or flowers planted will become the property of Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC and must not be removed. Any yard not maintained by residents will be cared for by the management. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each occurrence. This fee must be paid each time management has to maintain a resident’s yard. In the event of carelessness, neglect or lack of maintenance the management reserves the right to have the work done and a minimum fee of $25.00 will be charged to the resident.


22. Only umbrella-type clothes poles will be allowed. They must be kept to the rear of the home.



23. At the discretion of the management, only one small, house type pet weighing no more than fifty pounds will be allowed. They must live in the manufactured home and will only be allowed out on a hand held leash. No pet houses, pets chained out or pets tied up will be allowed. All pets must be registered with the management and proof of all shots must be submitted on the applicants registration form. The owner will be asked to remove his pet from the community if complaints are received. If more than one pet is desired, written permission may be obtained but this permission is at the sole discretion of the management and all other rules pertaining to pets must be followed. For the health, safety and welfare of our residents, no new applications for the following dogs: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherd’s, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, Great Danes, St. Bernard’s and Akitas, will be permitted in the community.   Any loose or stray pets will be caught by the management employees and turned over to the local authorities at the owner’s expense. The cost to redeem these pets will be the sole responsibility of the resident.


24. The speed limit in the community is 15 mph. Please advise all friends and guests to obey the speed limit and all other regulations. ATVs, snowmobiles, off road motorcycles, motorbikes, and all other recreational vehicles are not allowed to be driven on any roads or property within the community.


25. All vehicles must be parked in the driveway or common parking areas. No parking in the road or on the lawn will be allowed unless approved by management.


26. As a convenience, for no additional fee to residents, we are providing a fenced boat, RV, and vehicle storage area. This fenced area is offered solely as a convenience to residents and any resident who does not feel comfortable with the security or inconvenience of this storage area should store their boat, RV, or vehicle at the location of their choice, at their own expense, outside of the community. Any boats, RV’s or vehicles left in the community storage area should carry the resident’s insurance on the stored items and their contents as Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC will not be responsible for any claims due to theft, vandalism, etc. Boats, motor homes, and recreational vehicles must be kept in designated storage areas. At the management’s discretion, some boats and recreation vehicles, if plated, registered, inspected, and in good condition will be allowed to be parked in the resident’s driveway on a temporary basis only. This permission shall be at the sole discretion of the management. Any additional vehicles which are to be stored must have current license plates, inspections and registrations and are to be kept in the designated storage area. This storage area is to be used to store boats, RV’s, and good quality vehicles for seasonal storage and is not to be used to store junk, un-plated or unregistered vehicles. Vehicles in the compound must be registered in the office and assigned a location. Any vehicle not meeting the above requirements which is left in the compound more than ten days and is not registered with the office, is not assigned a location, or is stored in the wrong location, will be removed and disposed of at the owner’s expense.


27. Only minor repairs will be allowed to be made on vehicles while in the community. This work will only be allowed in the resident’s driveway and no work is to be done on visitor’s or guest’s vehicles.


28. Except for delivery and emergency vehicles, no vehicle larger than a ¾ ton truck will be allowed in the community.



29. Snow removal on community streets will be the responsibility of management. Removal of snow in driveways, patios, or walkways is the resident’s responsibility.


30. The management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss caused by any residents or their guests. Residents will be held liable for any and all claims or damages caused by them or their guests, and residents assume all such responsibility.


31. No soliciting will be allowed in the community without approval from the management, which will be given in writing. Please notify the offices of any unauthorized solicitors.


32. Residents will be offered a lease for a period of one year from the date they move into Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC. The starting and ending dates of the lease may be set by management so that all leases will have the same expiration date. I have been offered a lease and at this time I         request a lease            decline a lease.


33. The management reserves the right to evict residents or visitors who it may deem undesirable. Some but not all of the grounds to be considered undesirable are boisterous or offending conduct, needless noise, interference with others, any illegal activity or disturbing the peace, or who have a history of behavior which would be dangerous or deleterious to others in the community. If any such behavior such as a recent conviction for drug sales, domestic violence, crimes which require registration as a sex offender, or any other crimes or actions which can be documented;  will be grounds for eviction. You are responsible for your guests and any residents while they are visiting.


34. A resident may be evicted within thirty days after receiving a written notice of delinquent payments or uncorrected violations


35. The resident agrees to pay any and all legal expenses incurred by Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC if legal proceedings have to be taken for either non-payment of rent, violation of community rules or any and all eviction proceedings.


36. Any and all complaints to the management must be submitted in writing and signed by complainant.


37. The management reserves the right to modify any or all of these rules, as it deems necessary, for the betterment of the community. Any disputes or disagreements will be settled by the management. This decision will be final.


38. Any resident, guest, or vehicle owned by them which receives more than three written notices from the office pertaining to any rule violations, including but not limited to speeding or reckless driving in the community will be considered to not be in good standing and may be evicted from the community.


39. Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC shall not be liable for any residents or guests who are playing or conducting any activity on community property including the pond area. Resident agrees to hold Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC harmless for any claims arising from themselves or their guests occurring on community property.


Although these may cause inconveniences at times, if everyone abides by these rules and regulations and is thoughtful of their neighbors, Thomas Estates West Manufactured Housing Community, LLC will be the fine community it is intended to be for you and your family. It takes everyone to achieve this goal.


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